Phương pháp thi công khoan đường ống dẫn khí

Phương pháp thi công khoan đường ống dẫn khí.


Phương pháp thi công khoan đường ống dẫn khí 



1 Installation of protective fence

1.1 Method summary

       - Locating the fence installation area by means of surveying north.

       - Construction and installation of barriers around the construction area.

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Phương pháp thi công đường ống để thu khí

2. Pile driving plan

1. Method summary:

- In order for the construction process of larsen piles to take place quickly, safely and effectively, it is necessary to carefully prepare equipment, machinery and tools. Determine the position to drive the pile through design drawings, measure the exact distance of the pile. Currently, there are 2 advanced methods of construction of larsen piles: using vibrating hammer and static pressing.During the construction process, regularly check the joints, the underground electrical and water systems to detect problems, if any, to be promptly remedied.Always pay attention to the foundation, avoid the phenomenon of subsidence, etc.

Ensure the path of the machine to prevent the machine from entering the construction site. If the construction site of larsen piles is bad soil and sand causes many difficulties, then water plowing should be carried out.

It is never allowed to use the machine directly under high voltage lines, causing high danger. Fully equipped labor protection for workers operating on the construction site.

Place danger signs at necessary locations.   

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Piling area and location

 The work shall be started upon site clearance & approval of installation schedule.

Checking insert layout follow to approved insert drawing at areas where the insert were embedded.Marking manhole location and building reference.

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Pile driving plan

 Method summary:









Slurry propulsion method, the front has been filled in the cutter chamber sealed slurry propulsion machine with a partition. About the pressure of the slurry, to stabilize the cutting surface by keeping the pressure to meet the soil pressure and groundwater pressure of cutting surface.

Also, while the soil was excavated by the rotation of the cutter head by mixing the mud and fluid carry outside shaft, depend on installed thrusting force, jacking pipe is being pushed. The fluid transport, was discharged slurry is separated into sand and mud by slurry treatment equipment provided outside the departure shaft, slurry is pumped again to the cutting surface. This process will be repeated to form the circulatory circ

1. Equipment installation work:

Basic surveying:

Jacking pipe center is based on design documents. Established the survey stations toward forth and backside of launch shaft. From the forth station A, place surveying equipment, make a collimation line to backside station B. After confirmed jacking center line, move telescope down to the top of opposite H beam and make   accurately mark.

Next, move and place surveying equipment on station B. From station B, do the similar work on the opposite side.

To ensure that two temporary points will not disappear, mark this marks by g 

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Phương pháp thi công khoan ống dẫn khí

Equipment on site & disposition:

It is also possible to prepare the crane truck of 6t, the equipment be transported by truck, and be placed in a location that has been decided in

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Phương pháp thi công đường ống dẫn khí

Equipment installation in departure shaft:

As for the underground equipment work, we can set up a 6t crane truck.

  • Lifting equipment and safety equipment work:

Lifting equipment is in consideration of the various equipment and adaptation to the depth of the shaft.

  • Soft eye work:

In pipe jacking process, to prevent the leak from underwater and muddy water from the gap between the cutting s