However, For the project to have the best effect, we must ensure safety during the construction stage.

In the era of economic development, underground drilling services are gradually replacing traditional construction. The technology of underground jacking or directional drilling for the installation of underground works has many advantages: limiting the impact on people and the surrounding environment, saving costs, reducing construction time, etc... However, For the project to have the best effect, we must ensure safety during the construction stage. Let's learn about measures to help ensure safety during the construction stage.

Works using underground drilling method to apply new technology to construction, therefore, to ensure safety during the construction stage, employees must have good health, high skills, understanding, and compliance. Strictly follow the safety rules.


Employees must always ensure that when construction is fully equipped with labor protection equipment (clothes, hats, shoes, boots ...). Safety warnings and instructions must be given before commencing work. In particular, always obey the orders of the commander or superior. Do not disassemble or repair the equipment yourself. Must check the working condition of each piece of equipment before working and after use, maintain and put it in the right place.

Outside the construction area, it is necessary to have barriers, put up warning signs in the working area, and prohibit strangers from entering and leaving when not on duty. Workers need to wear personal safety equipment, including reflective vests when working at night during construction. People and tools must be reasonably arranged when it is necessary to cross the road.

Before construction, it is necessary to identify underground works (electric cables, pipes, ...) across the construction area to prevent risks from arising. Stop working as soon as an incident occurs, do not work in rainy conditions. Vertical drilling to survey topographical and geological conditions at some points along the designed pipeline to identify potential risks. Works can only be carried out when permits, construction orders, and safety measures have been established during construction. The site commander is responsible for safety checks throughout the construction period.

Minh Phuong Company with many years of experience in the construction of large projects, with a team of engineers who are skilled workers with deep expertise and equipment invested in modern technology, always maintain profits. Competitive advantage in service quality and price will satisfy all customers when there is a need for underground drilling across the road.



Labor safety is a solution to prevent and combat the impact of dangerous factors to ensure that no injury or death occurs to people during the working process. Occupational insecurity means damage to machines, equipment, materials, and substances that exceed the allowable technical safety limits, occur during the working process, and cause damage or are likely to cause damage to employees. motion. So let's learn about the risks of losing safety during the construction stage.

During the construction process, workers often face safety risks such as:

When working with electricity, there is a risk of electric shock. Harm is causing electrical injuries that range from mild superficial skin burns to severe multi-organ dysfunction, which can even lead to high patient mortality.

Working with hydraulic pipelines under pressure poses a risk of injury to the operator. When the hydraulic system works, the hydraulic oil has high pressure and if released into the environment, the pressure of the oil can cause serious injuries to the human body. The release pressure of the oil, especially when passing through small holes and holes, is capable of tearing the skin of workers. In addition, hydraulic oil when operating is often very hot when splashed on sensitive skin areas such as the face, chest, etc., which can cause thermal burns. We need to be fully equipped with protective clothing to check the equipment. device before use.

When working with rotary tools, workers can get caught in the machine's body parts. This is very dangerous, so employees must follow the correct process and be very careful during the working process.


Working with D500 HDPE pipes moving during the pipe pulling process has the risk of collapsing the racks and rollers, causing injury to the pipe attendants, which can be life-threatening.

When constructing outdoor works, it is impossible not to mention weather conditions. Working in rainy conditions poses a risk of slips, lightning strikes, or equipment collapse. Injury to workers can be life-threatening. Damage to equipment.

During the construction process, workers often face many safety risks. Therefore, we need to prepare a highly qualified workforce as well as a full range of protective equipment to ensure safety during the construction stage.

Minh Phuong Company is a professional, experienced company that fully meets labor safety laws and requirements on occupational safety. Minh Phuong Construction Design and Consulting Joint Stock Company ensures to provide customers with the best services and works that will last with time.


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